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No paws are too big or too small!

We used to board Tipper at a kennel but found that having Jennifer come and take care of Tipper worked out so much better for several reasons. In the past we would rush about before and after our trip to ensure we arrived at the kennel during the appropriate drop off and pick up times which is particularly stressful when luggage and travel is involved. Or we would have to board Tipper an extra night to avoid the chaos which was an added cost and a night that Tipper would have preferred to be at home. More importantly however, Tipper is much happier when she can stay at home. When we return she is not agitated or stressed after our time away but rather it looks like she had a good time. We arrived home early one day and she was just coming back from a walk with Jennifer and she looked so happy. Tipper is getting older and we really want to be sure she is receiving quality care. Jennifer delivers that care and we are looking for and judging from Tipper's face when she sees Jennifer, I think she would agree. 

-Emily Firmenich

Princeton, NJ


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